IMG_0729Chro-mag – An electronic music producer from Sheffield, England

A longtime electronic dance music fan, growing up listening to likes of the Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Leftfield and The Orb, then getting into the Rave scene in the nineties for a few years after finishing school before finding more experimental sounds like Red Snapper, Apex Twin and The Sabres of Paradise, then a little later Drum and Bass became a draw with Metalheadz and Goldie being especially influential.

While being a dance music fan I was however a novice in music production, but with some fire in the belly, a Mac, Garageband and a head full of production ideas Autumn 2016 saw a change to that and the creation of two tracks – ‘Chambers’ and ‘Electronica’, soon to be followed by two more accomplished tracks in ‘Back there’ and ‘Modularious’….. I was hooked!

Now proudly living in Sheffield with it’s legendary Electronic music pedigree, and some awesome mainstream and underground music venues such as Hope WorksLevel 2 at Foundry, Plug and The Harley to name but a few.

Fast forward to 2017 and the year has kicked off well with some new production tools, a shift of software to Ableton Live (Garageband not totally forgotten btw), some newly finished tracks and future project ideas within the genres of Techno and House all is going good.

I hope you can find time to listen to my work and enjoy the sounds as well as keep checking back here regularly for new music, local Sheffield scene content and more…


Chro-mag x