Who’s Chro-mag…..?

IMG_0729Chro-mag – An electronic music producer from Sheffield, England

A longtime electronic dance music fan, growing up listening to the likes of Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Leftfield and The Orb, then getting into the Rave scene in the mid-nineties for a few years after finishing school before finding more experimental sounds from people such as Andrew Weatherall , Apex Twin and The Sabres of Paradise. A little later Drum and Bass became a draw with DJ Ray Keith and Goldie being especially influential.

While being a dance music fan I was however a complete novice in actually making music. So with fire in my belly, a Mac in my bedroom with Garageband and an Akai MPK Mini – musical ideas were spawned and I was well and truly hooked!

Now proudly living and working in Sheffield, England with it’s influential electronic music pedigree, and a hotbed of regional producers and DJ’s, to the trail blazing ‘Bleep’ scene of the late 80’s. Also home to the famous Warp records label with it’s amazing discography of releases and artists. Sheffield is also home to some great underground music venues and nights, which provide momentum to the local scene and which I think is reason we have so many good producers and artists based here.

Fast forward to now and things are going well with more new production equipment and a move to Ableton (Garageband not totally forgotten btw), all of which have provided inspiration for new techniques to be used in future projects and hopefully loads of great sounding music!

I hope you can find time to listen and enjoy my work, as well as keep checking back here regularly for new music, projects and more…


Chro-mag x