The latest Limitless Vibrations podcast in this awesome series has dropped, this time  featuring a look at newly formed label – Emercive

The new independent label headed up by Rhyot and featuring an interview with himself and Audio Apostles Collective mainstay – Sysdemes. This episode also features a look at the newly released EP from Emercive – Converge Vol.01, with tracks from Rhyot, Sysdemes, D.O, Bad Eye and Doorstep Rebellion it’s a banger of an EP and another great podcast from Hanz

Limitless Vibrations main man Hanzford has just dropped the latest podcast in his awesome series, this time featuring non other than Julian Gray – An artist signed to Deadmaus’s Maustrap label, and an artist who is well regarded within the scene. Check out some of Julian’s releases on his Soundcloud profile HERE

Hanz finds out what got Julian started out creating music and what influenced him and helped him evolve his sound to where it is today.

Episodes 1 – 4 of the Limitless Vibrations podcast can be found HERE


The audio apostle collective are a group of likeminded music producers who have come together to form a creative and supportive coalition, to help and nurture each and every member with their ideas and goals. The friendly group are able to offer constructive and insightful critique on works in progress and recent releases, information and guidance on production techniques and sound design. Together with monthly remix challenges and weekly track spotlights and promotion, it is a positive melting pot of creativity.

I am super excited to be a part of the collective, and feel it’s a great positive force for my music production and creativity.

We are a group of music producers, sharing our individual talents beyond the music, ranging from production, promotion, content creation, marketing and event organization.  We realized that by forming a collective we can love what we do with other people and help aspiring artists better promote themselves. For no musician should have to do it alone, and big things can happen when we work together.


Check out the Audio Apostles website HERE for the full lowdown, and Soundcloud to hear work from the collective HERE

Chro-mag x

My latest track ‘Far Above’ is now up on my Soundcloud Profile to stream and download. Alternatively you can have a listen right here by hitting the music tab opposite <

This is the first time I’ve made use of Serum (soft synth), so was a learning process. I also took a while to get the mix right on this one and I’m still not sure I’ve quite nailed it, so forgive me if its a little rough around the edges. Still learning with the mix down and mastering thing!

Far Above

Chro-mag x